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What is the Rosette Agent?

The Rosette Agent, or Sphaerothecum destruens, is a generalist parasite that is deadly to many native UK fish species, including salmon, trout and carp.

It is blamed for the rapid demise of the sunbleak (Leucaspius delineatus) in parts of Europe and has caused mass mortality in salmon in US aquaculture facilities with more than 80% dying.

The Rosette Agent spreads rapidly through the healthy carrier species topmouth gudgeon (Pseudorasbora parva), which has incredible invasive potential, originating from South East China, but spreading to other parts of Asia, Europe and North Africa with alarming implications.

The Rosette Agent has been found in topmouth gudgeon in the South of England, but no tests are currently being carried out to determine whether wild salmon in England are infected.

This website gives more information about the Rosette Agent, the risk and what you can do to help.

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Dr Demetra Andreou shares the risks posed by the parasite and what needs to be done to limit its impact.

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